Keynote Outline

How we have taken an Analytics solution designed for mapping Employee locations and evolved it to deliver so much more value to our business, especially in decisions being made in the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Key Takeaways

  • Recognising the value of analytics evolution
  • 1 Analytics solution can have multiple uses
  • HR Data at the centre of your business decisions



Tom Ricks – Senior Director – People Systems and Analytics | Qlik

Tom is a Senior Director of Culture and Talent Systems and People Analytics at Qlik, responsible for aligning future-focused global HR strategies and analytics solutions for Qlik’s stakeholders.

Tom has more than 20 years’ experience in recruiting and helping HR departments adopt data-driven recruiting processes, with a deep understanding of organizational culture and transformational leadership. Tom helps his clients transform from simple reporting to a smarter use of analytics, enabling companies and managers to better track and predict employees’ performance, make better-informed talent decisions, and have the opportunity to operate advanced workforce planning. This ultimately improves overall recruiting processes, optimizes workplace management and enhances overall employee performance.

Prior to this role, Tom served as a Head of Recruitment for Qlik, helping to attract, develop and retain the best talent while partnering with the business to create programs and opportunities inspired by a common set of values.

Before joining Qlik, Tom served as a Recruitment Lead at Amdocs where he was responsible for delivering Senior Level roles into the EMEA region. He has also recruited talent for several other international companies during his career.

September 16 @ 09:35
09:35 — 10:05 (30′)

Day 1 | 16th of September

Tom Ricks – Senior Director – People Systems and Analytics | Qlik