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About the Podcast

Together with Allireza Ghahremani we have created the NPA Podcast focusing on people analytics.

Allireza has interviewed experts within the field of people analytics, both from an application and a strategic perspective. The aim has been to dig deep into the subject and strives to find people actively working with exciting projects around the world. The intention has been to create highly relevant and hands-on discussions that can inspire you in your role to implement solutions. The NPA Podcast is created in cooperation with Nordic People Analytics Summit.

episode 001 | Mark hayton

Analytic Driven Cultural Cohesion

I really enjoyed talking to Mark Hayton. He has such great insights into what I have done in the last 3 years, and that makes genuine and fascinating conversations around the topic. Mark was employed at Nokia two weeks before the first iPhone was released and has seen been part of the transformation of Nokia. Listen to how they worked to harness the power of people analytics to drive change. 

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episode 004 | Marcus mossberger

Balancing evidence and empathy

The world of work is currently undergoing significant transformation across the planet, as technological advances, demographic shifts, economic interdependencies, and social norms are disrupting traditional business models including the discipline of HR. The good news is that we have more data about the workforce than we have ever had, which gives us an opportunity to make more informed decisions about (and for) our people. The challenge is the need to delicately balance evidence and empathy to ensure we avoid driving humanity out of human resources.

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episode 002 | tyler haws

Strengthening your People Analytics Strategy

People Analytics professionals often become so busy with the details of their daily chores that they need an opportunity to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. Is what they are doing have the most impact upon the business? The best way to make sure you are on track is to ask yourself if you know the top 5 metrics that the CEO and the CFO are measured on by heart.

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episode 005 | Manjuri Sinha


How a company like Zalando, during its hyper-growth mode, initiated, implemented and utilized data, to make a decision that led to its successful hiring numbers. Manjuri Sinha was tasked with growing the team with 1000 new engineers which we all agree is a challenge. To do that she has used interesting techniques and predictive workforce analytics.

*Manjuri at the time of the interview was formerly with Zalando SE, and since Dec 2019, has joined OLX Group as Global Head of Talent Acquisition for technology.

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episode 003 | luke whelan

Reducing employee turnover with people analytics

Luke Whelan from Talivest is just amazing. He talks about quite complicated issues like he is talking about ironing a t-shirt. Random forest and principal component analysis are only a few to mention and he makes it in a way that you want to hear more. Luke has successfully built and rolled out a Machine Learning product that highlights how many employees are at high risk of leaving in the next six months, the product highlights the top 5 activities to stop people from going out the door.

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