There’s a dashboard jungle out there. A lot of vendors sells “the people analytics dream”, but what is the true purpose of a dashboard and how do we successfully implement it? And in the end – when the data is there, how do we make sure to use it in the best way.

Key Takeaways

  • What is a dashboard and what’s the win?
  • How to implement one. How to think about kpi’s/vendors/tools etc.
  • Data quality. Using the output to improve the input.
  • Visualising the data is the easy part – how do we make sure that it’s used and in a correct way?


Speaker Bio

Henrik is a partner and senior HR Analyst at The Talent Company, where he helps clients to create people magic by data-driven decisions. Prior to that, he built people analytics at Spotify to support the company’s hypergrowth. In addition, Henrik has 10+ years of experience working with employee experience surveys for global organizations. During his career, Henrik has supported all domains within the HR field. Even though he enjoys a bit of data crunching every now and then, his primary interest is how to connect the data with human factors and enabling organizations in their decision-making. 

June 4 @ 11:40
11:40 — 12:10 (30′)

Stage 2 | Advanced People Analytics and Data Management Stage

Henrik Sandén – Partner, People Analytics | The Talent Company