Session Outline

A practical demonstration of statistical and Machine Learning methods that can be used to quantify the impact of employee practices.

Key Takeaways

  • How to measure the impact of interventions over time
  • Measuring differences in performance between groups
  • Using ML to measure performance differences
  • Quantifying the Impact of different variables on performance outcomes of interest



Adam McKinnon – People Analytics Insights Lead | QBE

Adam McKinnon is the People Analytics Insights Lead at QBE. Drawing upon a multi-disciplinary background in Psychology, IT, Epidemiology and Finance, Adam is an advocate of asking two questions in his work: So What? and Now What? He employs Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing to synthesise the scale of multinational companies, making it understandable and usable, so that organisations can embrace employee centricity in their decision making.

May 6 @ 11:45
11:45 — 12:15 (30′)

Day 1 | 20th of May

Adam McKinnon – People Analytics Insights Lead | QBE | Australia